RV Trip Planning

Links to websites and apps that can help you get there, what to see along the way, and where to stay once you're there.

Roadtrippers - Neat site that can help you plan your trip and what to see along the way. There's a free version and a paid. The paid version is pretty resonably priced.

RV Trip Wizard - An RV Life website. This is a paid subscription site so I don't use it but my brother does and loves it. It does have some nice features like setting your driving time and distance and showing you your camping, refueling, trip costs, plus other options within your custom set distance rings. Once I get going fulltime this looks like it will be worthwhile. A free demo is avaliable.

Road Trip Planning - "Internet's Oldest Road Trip Website." Neat site where you can click on a state then choose your highway and it'll give you listing of what's avaliable at each exit. Includes US and Canadian territories too. You can click and save as a PDF for offline viewing. Very handy.

Route 66 - I've done parts of Route 66 but not all of it. It's on my bucket list though. Click on the upper right menu to get a list states with nifty maps of the route across the state. The site also contains descriptions of the nostalgic stops along the way. Get your kicks...

America the Beautiful National Parks & Federal Lands Passes - The USA has some of the most beautiful outdoor areas in the world (ok, so I'm biased). My oldest brother has the senior pass and gets a great discount on camping with it. They do offer a pass for us younger folks plus free passes for military and federal agency volunteers.

Road Trip USA - Same website as the one for Route 66 but with more senic/historic cross-country road trips across the US.

RoadsideAmerica.com - "Your Online Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions" Ever wanted to see the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota? Or how about Elmer Long's Bottle Tree Ranch (in CA)? This site will get you there. One of my favorite things to do is hit the road with no plan and just see the sites as they come. This site fits into that kind of thinking.

Interstate Rest Areas - I've always had this quirky idea of doing a picture book of rest areas across the country (some of them are quite nice). Well this isn't it but it is a listing of rest areas by state and highway. Could be handy if you have to pee. The ebook doesn't get that great of reviews so I'd stick to just using the site.

Walmart Locator - Spend enough time on the road and I guess you'll have to Wal-dock it at some point. Plus who doesn't need to pick up a few items now and then. Well here's your site. find out what Walmarts will and won't allow overnite camping.

Sanidumps.com - RV Dump Station directory. Nuff said.

Antennas Direct - If you gotta have your TV here's a link that will locate the nearby TV transmitters and give you a list of channels in your area.

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