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If you're fulltiiming obviously getting mail and residency can be an issue. But there are several ways around this. Not having a physical address gives you a lot of options for residency. You can keep your current state as your domicile state but it's worth looking at some of the others to see what the pros and cons may be by claiming rescidency in one of those.

Mail, Telephone, Banking, Internet, & TV - Tips from Bob Wells at CheapRVLiving.com on how to stay in touch.

Setting Up South Dakota Residency for RVers (Pt. 1) - "How to choose a mail forwarding service, and what you need to become a resident of South Dakota." (part 1) An article by Becky at Interstellar Orchard about setting South Dakota as your domicile.

Setting Up South Dakota Residency for RVers (Pt. 2) - Part 2 of Becky's article.

Escapees Mail Forwarding Service - Escapees Rv Club has a popular mail forwarding service and also offers addresses in South Dakota and Florida for legal domicile purposes.

Americas Mailbox - From their website: "Americas Mailbox Mail Forwarding and Home Base Services was designed with YOU in mind by providing you not only the ability to get your mail ON DEMAND but we can also handle South Dakota (SD) Vehicle Registrations via long distance!"
"Added bonus: we're also the least expensive service out there anywhere in the country that we know of when comparing apples-with-apples."

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