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There are hundreds of people out there blogging about their RVing experiences. Some are pretty good, some not so much. A lot of good info can be gotten from these blogs but with plethora of people blogging, it can be annoying. Everyone wants to be famous I guess. I say that but I still have to admit that I have learned a lot of valuable things from them.

*NEW* The GMC RV - Very nice blog about the teardown and rebuild of a 1976 GMC Palm Beach. If you like retro, these are really nice RVs and these guys have done a wonderful job of restoring theirs.

Road Less Traveled - Emily and Mark Fagan - I discovered this site early on when researching RVs and I've gone back to it frequently. They don't seem to do videos (that niche is over-saturated anyway) but their site is full of good information. They have been very open with their experiences and the expenses they've incurred on the road. There's a lot of great photography here as well.

Interstellar Orchard - Becky Schade - A solo RVer doing it in a small 17 footer. She has some great info on workcamping and what it's like traveling alone.

Less Junk < More Journey - Nathan, Marissa, and Hensley - Fulltiming in an Airstream. A small family traveling fulltime. Good info and cute kid.

Long Long Honeymoon - Sean and Kristy Michael - Highly polished videos and they have been doing for a while. They do have a lot of informative videos. Another one in an Airstream.

Cheaprvliving.com - Bob Wells - If you don't know Bob, you will if you search enough about RV living. He's been at as long as anyboby and has probably produced as much info about the RV lifstyle as anybody. Probably not the most slickest produced videos you'l find but they're still full of great info. Bob's a true beleiver, but he seems very sincere in his desire to help other live the RV life.

Technomadia - Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy

The Fit RV - Stef and James

Wheeling It - Nina and Paul

Keep Your Daydream - Marc, Tricia, and kids

Gone With The Wynns - Jason and Nikki Wynn

I told you there was a lot.

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